Review: Oreo Jones “Cash for Gold”

Hi there, Space here!

I’m touching down today with an album review on Oreo Jones’ new release, Cash for Gold.


I’ve caught several of Oreo’s shows this year, and went to the Cash for Gold release show last month, so I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this record. I picked up the cassette tape, because I’ve got a portable tape player and it’s fun to just pop in a tape and let it play.

Cash for Gold has a total of 16 tracks. It’s huge!  All compacted into one gold colored cassette tape. The album includes features and guest vocals from Indianapolis artists KO, Flaco, Sedcairn Archives, J-Hex (from We Are Hex), Sirius Black and Jon Stamps.


The album is packed with fuzzed out beats, dope guest appearances and Oreo’s signature rhyme flow. It’s definitely worth a listen. With so many tracks you’re bound to fall in love with quiet a few. The album has so many stand out tracks.

My favorite track is “Fhloston Paradise”, track number 15. I’ve been waiting for this song my entire life. It’s been haunting my brain non stop since last spring, when the single was first released. I’ve watched the video countless times, it plays in my head as soon the track starts. The bridge, the “hey-eh-yaah-ah”, is EVERYTHING. It’s the alpha and the omega, and it haunts me to this day. I love it.

The second track “Menagerie” features KO. Her voice is angelic. I bought her EP two years ago, and it’s in constant rotation in my collection. I’ve seen her perform live and she’s a dope guitar player, and I absolutely adore her voice. Her voice and Oreo’s mesh so well together. I only wish this track were longer.

“Wide Brim Hat” features Sedcairn Archives and is tied for my second favorite track. The chorus  features Oreo’s verse: “I’m an orthodox man / looking for a wide brim hat.” and DMA’s “do-do-do-do-dooo” in his eerie, haunting effects on his vocals. If it has both Oreo and DMA, I’m going to love it.


Other stand out tracks include "Caravaggio" ft. Flaco, "Wild Rice for Landon", "Coogie Sweater" and "The Honorable Uncle Phil".

I highly recommend picking up this album and giving it a listen.  Leave a comment below and let me know if you've checked out this album. What's your favorite track?



Review: Oreo Jones “Cash for Gold”

Rest in Power: Blottboyy

Hey, It’s Spaceyamzz.

It’s been a tough couple days.

The city of Indianapolis has lost a beautiful gifted soul. Blttbyy, or Easton as he was known to his friends. I’ve been at lost for words the past day. I wasn’t sure how I could commemorate such an amazing and gifted soul and person.

So, I figured, why not write.

This is a letter to Easton.

blttbyy polaroid
Blttbyy is on the left. First Friday March 2016

Rest in peace, Easton. I got the news yesterday and I’ve been in a daze ever since. I miss you so much already. You’re like the little brother I never had. You know I’m an only child, so when I make connections with people they’re pretty special.  And you, were a very special soul.

The first time we met was at Indy CD & Vinyl a few years ago. I came to see DMA and you were there to see BORED. I hadn’t even seen you come in, but you did, and you stood right by me. You just had this energy about you, and I was vibing out to DMA and so were you. We started talking and I was very impressed at how outgoing your were. In this nappy-city, it’s a rare occurrence.

Scan 161290002.jpg Blttbyy
Blttbyy. May 7th 2016

We hung out the rest of that night, eating Qdoba, talking and walking around Broad Ripple. I teased you because I though you were young, only 18 and I was 23. Plus I had a boyfriend, so I couldn’t tell if you were flirting, or if it was just your way. It got late, and you offered to drive me home. I told you I drove, and you then offered to drive me to my car. Such a sweetheart. I declined, and you walked me to my car.

You asked for my number, and I figured you’d earned it. How often do you meet someone that you just, click, with so instantly?

I still worked at Marsh. I remember random evenings you’d come in, buy like one thing and come through my line. We’d chat and you’d always bag up groceries. Even lingering to chat longer and bag other people’s groceries. I worked with someone you had a class with so I’m not even sure the customers noticed you weren’t actually a Bagger.

I remember once your Mom and sister came though my line. You offered to bag, and she told you not to. Not realizing we were pretty much a team.

I remember meeting up with you, and you lugging this huge backpack with your laptop in it. Did you have speakers with you? I can’t remember. You played me some of your songs. A week later,  I did a write up on you, in my notebook and showed you because I thought your music was cool.

You always encouraged always me to get my art out there. You know, you’re one of the first people I showed my collages too?

Easton, we were always on the same wavelength. When we met, we both wore brown Tortoise shell glasses. When I first started wearing my Clear frame glasses, I ran into you at a show with the SAME FRAMES on. #samebrain

Scan 161290004 easton jump
Blttbyy. May 7th 2016

Last month at Record Store Day, were ended up both matching! Whatt? I remember, you came over to me, and we both wore bright short sleeved floral button down shirts, shorts and clear framed glasses.#samebrain

And when I saw you DJ that night, I was floored. Though all that time, I’d never seen you preform. Yeah, I’d listened to your music, and you played me stuff years ago, but I hadn’t seen you, in your element. After the set that night, we chatted and I told you how proud I was of you. I felt like a big sister seeing my brother as an adult, for the first time. I saw how you commanded the audience and the energy you gave, and it was beautiful.

Easton, you are the most kindhearted, energetic, beautiful soul. I know you touched my heart in a way that I’ll never forget. I love you like a brother and I already miss you. I know I’ll see you again. We always seem to run into each over.

Scan 161290013 nagasaki and easton

You will live on though the lives you touched, through your family, friends and fans. Your music will live on forever. Rest in Power, Blttbyy.


*All photos are by me, Spaceyamzz and shot on Impossible Project Film.

Rest in Power: Blottboyy

Review: Virginia Ave Folk Fest

-story & photos by: robin goodfellow

virginia ave folk fest 2

Listen Up, Folkers.

On Saturday, May 14th, Indianapolis’s Fountain Square neighborhood hosted the Virginia Avenue Folk Fest. Another growing annual tradition in Fountain Square, this year’s festival featured 100 acts on 13 stages lining the neighborhood along Virginia Avenue from Fountain Square to Fletcher Place.

Arctic temperatures crept through Indianapolis on that day, but the
denizens of Fountain Square combatted them with body heat, booze, and grooves. As I crossed the bridge toward the Pabst Blue Ribbon Main Stage, an upright bass began to time my steps. The “folk” moniker of the festival gave way to loose definitions as the rockabilly wail of the Shelbyville Sinners greeted guests. The people who stood watching were of all sorts and all ages, drawn together by a common love for their music and their city.

virginia ave folk fest

Staring down the street, one could see that the skies were dreary but the folks who came out for Folk Fest were anything but. Donning tapestries of denim and brown leather,  Indy residents packed the stretch of road looking for abnormally cold summer fun. Lining Virginia Avenue were tents and kiosks dispensing every flavor of craft from handmade glass to cigar box guitars. Hundreds of people flooded the neighborhood to hear the music offered by Folk Fest from sunrise to nightfall.
Among the 100 acts, here are just a small handful that stood out to this festival goer.

Dan & Sam (Bonesetters):
Early in the day, those seeking refuge from the bitter cold could find it in the Hi-Fi (a couple Tin Man Damascene Apricot Sours didn’t hurt that endeavor either). Those choosing to warm up at this indoor stage were treated to songs performed by Dan Snodgrass and Sam Shafer. Mainstays of the Indy music scene, these members of Bonesetters provided a stripped-down version of their set prior to their Sunday night show at the Hi-Fi. The lack of bass and drums didn’t do anything to the Bonesetters’ performance power, as the audience were mesmerized by stripped down versions of “I am Shaun Gannon,” “Housefires,” and a new track titled “Rod Serling.” They were disappointed at how few people were fans of The Twilight Zone, but no one was disappointed in them.

Injecting Strangers:
After Bonesetters, Cincinnati band Injecting Strangers took the stage. Their psych punk jams sent ripples through The Hi-Fi as the whole place went up in a Technicolor mushroom cloud. The wild fluctuations of a Theremin cut through the space, exemplifying the inclusive nature of Folk Fest. Injecting Strangers have folks just like the rest of us, and theirs are presumably first generation Woodstock hippies. They came in, Bolo ties a’swingin’ and knocked it out of the park. The lead singer’s firework printed shirt served as a symbol of the group. If I were to measure the glycemic index of his diet, I suspect my meter would read “DEF CON COCAINE.” Don’t miss them the next time they shake up our sleepy little town.

Dietrich Jon:
Bloomington band Dietrich Jon graced the Sun-King Brewery stage with infectious folk-pop riffs. Their logo is their band name written inside of a toilet bowl and that’s because they’re hot shit. The bandleader, Diederik Van Wassenaer, was a bit too tall for the tent they were playing in, and the jokes in his banter may have missed, but when he pulled out his violin none of the context was relevant. Dude can play. Don’t see them without checking your calendar and clearing your schedule, because the riffs on tunes like “Paycheck” and “Sometimes” will be stuck in your head for days.

Sweet Poison Victim:
Over the past years, Sweet Poison Victim has become huge in the Indy scene and play at a monthly event called “High-Life at the Hi-Fi” along with DJ Kyle Long. At Virginia Avenue Folk Fest, they played a block over from their usual locale at the Fountain Square fountain itself. Outside was the only venue big enough to hold a dance floor of such proportion. Afrobeat rhythms rang through the sphere as the crowd echoed the band’s refrain “come on and shake your body.” The crowd consisted of all ages, and all levels of dancing ability, but not an ass in that square was left unshaken.

Virginia Avenue Folk Fest grew exponentially this year from its last iteration. If the hundreds of Indianapolis music fans were willing to brave the weather this year, then the sure thing is this: Folk Fest isn’t going anywhere. Indianapolis patiently awaits next year.

Review: Virginia Ave Folk Fest

#wavywednesday shows 

 Indy! Need something to do on this #wavywednesday? Check out these local shows to celebrate this hempy holidaze. 

For the early birds:

Starting at 4:20 pm, two shows featuring so many amazing artists will rock your dazed night! Located at GerlHaus and Free House featuring local bands like Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes, Fourth Eye Culture, Ace One and others!

For the late night, week nighters:

A massive rap show hosted by Sirius Blvck is sure to set my week right. “The Gateway VI Release Show,” features performances by Ghost Town, Maxie, New Wave and appearances by so many Indy favorites like Drayco McCoy, FLACO and others. Located at Hi-Fi, the party will be jumpin’ so make sure to get a good spot on the dance floor. 


Whatever you do this #wavywednesday, enjoy yourselves – and maybe I’ll see you at one of these shows. 

#wavywednesday shows 

super music tuesday

In honor of #SuperTuesday, here’s some dope tracks from some of our favorite local artists.

Xavier Clark, Indy rapper, releases dope tracks quite often. Check out, “Sip A Lot.” 


Have you listened to FLACO’s ‘Evil’ yet? Listen here


Listen to Mathaius Young’s track, “All I Know,” here


Ever heard “All I Do Is Pray,” by Indy rapper, Drayco McCoy? Check it here

enjoy the jams. have a good week. 

super music tuesday

Review: 1st Annual State Street Love-In at State Street Pub

Hi there! Space here.

Friday, February 12th I was at State Street Pub.  It’s hands down one of my favorite bars in Indy. I’m serious. I’m there.  If you’ve never been, State Street Pub is pretty chill. The inside reminds me of a either a locker room or a bowling alley because of the concrete blocks everywhere. It’s a very intimate space, and it’s got a lot of charm.

State Street was all decked out for Valentine’s Day. There was a photo booth, a “Make-Your-Own-Valentine-Card” Station, cheap candy, and balloons that hovered over most tables.


Hen was my favorite performance of the night. Dressed appropriately, the duo wore giant red sandwich-board styled hearts on top of their all black ensembles. Their musical style is more chanting than singing, kinda like cheerleaders. Their lyrics are backed up by lofi tunes played though a Fisher Price cassette player. (heart eyes emoji)

Oreo Jones  was next to bat. Solo set where Oreo played some super chilled out tunes. He was bringing back the chillwave days of 2010, and I was totally on board. If this set is an indication of some future sounds, I am all for it.

Reaches: Chicago native, Justin was looking super snazzy with a beret and black and white striped shirt. Super rad tunes, made it really easy to dance like a character in Charlie Brown.

Final performance of the night was Sedcairn Archives DMA’s new project (formerly of Jookabox).Couldn’t catch the whole set, and left right after it set started.  If you know me, you know I LOVE DMA. The man can do no wrong.

Overall? Great show!  Don’t worry though. You can catch all these great bands again, in some incarnation at another time. And if you miss it, I’ll be there, and I’ll recap it.

Check out all the artist above by clicking on their name to be taken to their Bandcamp page. Click on State Street Pub’s to see their facebook page and what events are coming up next.

Until next time!


Review: 1st Annual State Street Love-In at State Street Pub

#throwbackjam: Summer Knights x Joey Bada$$

Today, I ventured back a few years-and listened to a legendary album. In 2013, Joey released ‘Summer Knights,’ a brilliant example of what it is to grow up in Flatbush, NYC.

With a deep, and slightly raspy voice, Joey detailed events in his life that stand close to him-events that he loved but also ones quite painful to him, like the loss of Capital Steez (a young artist who spearheaded the Pro Era movement, but killed himself on Christmas Eve in 2012.) The release also features artists like Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers-also key members of Pro Era.

Today, Joey has evolved-but this is my favorite album from him.

Check out video for the single, “Hilary $wank.” Watch here!

#throwbackjam: Summer Knights x Joey Bada$$


Happy Monday!

Here’s some jams to get you through the holiday week! 

DJ Little Town released a super trill mix  called, $$$$ RAP TAPE 1. With clever mixing, and lo-fi production, this mix will keep any holiday party hype. 


Cloud, local rapper, released a new track called, “Straight to Hell (and Never Coming Back).” After being on hiatus, Cloud has come full force with his latest track. 

Happy Holidays! 




Wassup readers! It’s a big week for new music. Dive deep and favorite those links!

 Evansville, Ind. rappers Sunny Ture and Ki released, ‘Guilty.’ This amazingly pro-black album represents the revolution of #blacklivesmatter. 

Every single track envelops the listener with raw truth. 

Listen here!  

Indy artist, Voice, released “Good Times.”
Featuring Elle Roberts and Theon Lee, this track will soothe you through this busy week. Listen here.

Have a good week!