Review: Oreo Jones “Cash for Gold”

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I’m touching down today with an album review on Oreo Jones’ new release, Cash for Gold.


I’ve caught several of Oreo’s shows this year, and went to the Cash for Gold release show last month, so I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this record. I picked up the cassette tape, because I’ve got a portable tape player and it’s fun to just pop in a tape and let it play.

Cash for Gold has a total of 16 tracks. It’s huge!  All compacted into one gold colored cassette tape. The album includes features and guest vocals from Indianapolis artists KO, Flaco, Sedcairn Archives, J-Hex (from We Are Hex), Sirius Black and Jon Stamps.


The album is packed with fuzzed out beats, dope guest appearances and Oreo’s signature rhyme flow. It’s definitely worth a listen. With so many tracks you’re bound to fall in love with quiet a few. The album has so many stand out tracks.

My favorite track is “Fhloston Paradise”, track number 15. I’ve been waiting for this song my entire life. It’s been haunting my brain non stop since last spring, when the single was first released. I’ve watched the video countless times, it plays in my head as soon the track starts. The bridge, the “hey-eh-yaah-ah”, is EVERYTHING. It’s the alpha and the omega, and it haunts me to this day. I love it.

The second track “Menagerie” features KO. Her voice is angelic. I bought her EP two years ago, and it’s in constant rotation in my collection. I’ve seen her perform live and she’s a dope guitar player, and I absolutely adore her voice. Her voice and Oreo’s mesh so well together. I only wish this track were longer.

“Wide Brim Hat” features Sedcairn Archives and is tied for my second favorite track. The chorus  features Oreo’s verse: “I’m an orthodox man / looking for a wide brim hat.” and DMA’s “do-do-do-do-dooo” in his eerie, haunting effects on his vocals. If it has both Oreo and DMA, I’m going to love it.


Other stand out tracks include "Caravaggio" ft. Flaco, "Wild Rice for Landon", "Coogie Sweater" and "The Honorable Uncle Phil".

I highly recommend picking up this album and giving it a listen.  Leave a comment below and let me know if you've checked out this album. What's your favorite track?



Review: Oreo Jones “Cash for Gold”

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