Review: Oreo Jones “Cash For Gold” Release Show

Hi there! Space here.

Been super busy the past week, but I’ve got a treat for you today! Saturday night I went to Pioneer in Fountain Square for the “Cash for Gold” release show for Oreo Jones.

20160507_232337 oreo jones.jpg

Indianapolis artist Oreo Jones, released a new project, Cash For Gold. It’s album and a zine that I’m super excited to check out. Oreo Jones very is a busy man in Indianapolis. He’s an artist, a rapper, host of TV show host Let’s Do Lunch with Oreo Jones, and the founder of the dopest Hip Hop Festival in Indianapolis, Cheerce.

I’ve seen Oreo preform some solo sets  this year, and I noticed that grooves had changed. He’s introduced a more experimental electronic sound. The beats are vast, droning, and pretty out there. This new sound is similar to and likely inspired by friend, producer, and Indianapolis artist DMA, Sedcairn Achrives. The two released an album together in 2013 so I shouldn’t really be surprised. DMA was even on bass during Oreo’s set.

Scan 161290016
Oreo Jones spitting bars at Pioneer. May 7 2016

Oreo’s bars are as fly as ever, and he was looking super swag in a dashiki and a black rimmed hat. I’m excited to give the album a listen.

Check out some photos from the show below. All photos were snapped by me with Impossible Project silver framed film.

Scan 161290014 oreo
Oreo Jones setting the groove at Pioneer. May 7 2016

The show had an incredible line up with DJ Action Jackson, Hoops (Bloomington, IN), Metavari (Ft. Wayne, IN) Show You Suck (Chicago, IL) and extra secret special guest performances from Flaco, Sirius Black, and Jon Stamps.

Scan 161290017 flaco
Surprise guest Flaco on the mic. May 7 2016

As always, thanks for checking out my review. Comment below and let me know who you’ve seen and who I should check out next!

Standby for future transmissions!

Review: Oreo Jones “Cash For Gold” Release Show

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