Review: Flannelly’s of the Future Fest 2016

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I’m back today with a review. On Saturday April 30th, I visited Big Car‘s Tube Factory for Flannelly’s of the Future. Artists Bree and John Flannelly (newly married!) celebrated their love and their love of music hosting a music festival featuring experimental Indianapolis area musicians. The show was held in Big Car’s newest space, Tube Factory, near Garfield Park.

Big Car is set to open the new space to the public, on Friday May 6th for First Friday. I got a sneak peak of the space, The Tube Factory. The Tube Factory is an artist built and run event space that was the former site of many Indianapolis business. Most recently a peanut factory. Don’t worry though, there was no peanut smell.

Newly weds Brelyn and Jon Flanelly celebrated their wedding in the best possible way. The two held a music fest, Flannelly’s of the Future, for all their favorite bands, friends and family. The line up included: Bad Psychic (Bloomington, IN), DJ LittletownDuncan Kissinger, Exploding Head Scene (Philadelphia, PA), Glitter Brains (Bloomington, IN), Oreo Jones & Sirius BlvckJeron Braxton & the Tamagotchis (Bloomington, IN), Rev//Rev (Lafayette, IN), Rob FunkhouserSedcairn Archives, Skything (Marlboro, Vt),and  Teen Brigade (Lafayette, IN).

That line up though! I’ve seen the majority of these artists at various shows, venues, and places during the year. So, to see them all at one place, was a definite yes. The musicians setup in various sections in the main room, so when one artist was done the next was already on deck.  Great show!

I arrived just in time to catch Jeron Braxton and the Tomogotchis.  I hung out with the guys and got a sneak peak of Big Car’s second venue in Garfield Park, set to open in two weeks called Listen Hear.

Scan 161220003 jeron and tam 1

Next week, Jeron is releasing a new album, VOODOO. Release party is at General Public Collective on Saturday May 7th at 9pm. I’m super stoked. Yes, Space will be in the place.

Future Flannelly’s Fest was great time! Best wishes to Bree and Jon! Thanks for the incredible festival and wedding reception. Thanks to Big Car for the wonderful space.

Stand by for future transmissions!


Review: Flannelly’s of the Future Fest 2016

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