Album Review: Cosmic Opulence x CarLarans


The album begins soft, sultry, and down tempo. CarLarans’ smooth croon is heard over the steady drum pattern and draws the listener in. Like the first track says, he’s “taking it back,” but this album is a huge leap forward for this artist. 

Cosmic Opulence, his newest release gives the mysterious, mist-filled feel of the Pacific Northwest.  The title translates to interstellar luxuriousness-which is exactly the vibe this production gives.

Personally, I love this release. The vocals are on point. With every note and every ad lid, all the major production-I’m incredibly impressed. The duration of the album leaving me wondering where the inspiration came from on this album. This is easily one of my favorite releases of 2016.

The Indiana native is the king of sex appeal, which even translates through on Cosmic Opulence. His strong vocals combined with the dope production sets a high standard for sounds out of Pacific Northwest. 

Key tracks include, “I Wanna Know,” “Voicemail,” and “HiGH.” 

Don’t sleep on this artist. He’s going to the top, and you heard it here first.

Listen to the entire album here.

Album Review: Cosmic Opulence x CarLarans

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