Review: First Friday March 2016

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First Friday in Indianapolis is a chance for the arts community to come out and shine. Most storefronts stay open later hours and art from local artists is displayed. In the summer months, it’s a great place to people watch and there’s music by the fountain.

It’s finally March and the city is finally waking from it’s cold slumber.  I spent my evening in the Murphy Building. It’s a labyrinth of studios, galleries, and offices along the way. It’s so easy to get lost in the the best place to wander.

jeron poster 3.4.16Flyer Credit: Jeron Braxton.

*Beer was $5 and provided by Indiana City Brewing.

I got off work and went straight to Fountain Square. I missed this Grand Opening Ceremony: ​MUSEUM OF PSYCHPHONICS also located in Joyful Noise. I caught the tail end of DJ Little Town’s last set.

Runahwae or Children of the Cul-de-sac  was up first. Self described as  ‘Shoegaze Hip- Hop”. They’re super dope. I’d describe them as Garage Rock with Punk influences. Check out the songs Fuccboi and Wayward Child on Bandcamp for more information. Definitely a group I’m gonna keep my eye on.

Second up was Jeron Braxton & The Tomogatchis.

I’ve been watching Jeron since I first saw him at Cheerce, the first Hip-Hop festival in Indy last summer. His visuals are abstract and dreamy landscapes or cyberspace nightmares and his vocals are airy and kind of sour like a green apple Warhead (in a good way). His music gives me synesthesia like none other. The live band, the Tomogatchis includes Dave Segedy of Sleeping Bag is a perfect fit for Jeron’s voice. Check out their performance below.

Giants Giants the Asheville/ATL based band was up next. The music is dreamy and atmospheric. The music takes you away to a glittering smokey heaven that may not be on this world. Reminds me of Explosions in the Sky. They’re definitely something I’m into, if I’m in the right head space. I landed back on earth by the end of the set.

Sirius Blvck closed out the night. Joyful Noise was completely packed out at this point. I found a spot over by the bar next to the speakers. He opened the set with two new songs  from his new release, NXGHTCRAWLR coming out on Halloween. John Stamps was on stage too and performed G-Baby. Oreo Jones (surprise!!) came on stage for Bill Murray and little circle pit broke out. I’m serious. I avoided bruises and kept the thrashing and bouncing boys away. Tribe Quest closed out the night and another mini mosh occurred.

First Friday was a success. I’m excited to see what Indy will bring for the Fountain Square Music Fest. March 25th and 26th. I’m already there. Yep, got a two day pass and I’m counting down.

Until next time,


Review: First Friday March 2016

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