Review: 1st Annual State Street Love-In at State Street Pub

Hi there! Space here.

Friday, February 12th I was at State Street Pub.  It’s hands down one of my favorite bars in Indy. I’m serious. I’m there.  If you’ve never been, State Street Pub is pretty chill. The inside reminds me of a either a locker room or a bowling alley because of the concrete blocks everywhere. It’s a very intimate space, and it’s got a lot of charm.

State Street was all decked out for Valentine’s Day. There was a photo booth, a “Make-Your-Own-Valentine-Card” Station, cheap candy, and balloons that hovered over most tables.


Hen was my favorite performance of the night. Dressed appropriately, the duo wore giant red sandwich-board styled hearts on top of their all black ensembles. Their musical style is more chanting than singing, kinda like cheerleaders. Their lyrics are backed up by lofi tunes played though a Fisher Price cassette player. (heart eyes emoji)

Oreo Jones  was next to bat. Solo set where Oreo played some super chilled out tunes. He was bringing back the chillwave days of 2010, and I was totally on board. If this set is an indication of some future sounds, I am all for it.

Reaches: Chicago native, Justin was looking super snazzy with a beret and black and white striped shirt. Super rad tunes, made it really easy to dance like a character in Charlie Brown.

Final performance of the night was Sedcairn Archives DMA’s new project (formerly of Jookabox).Couldn’t catch the whole set, and left right after it set started.  If you know me, you know I LOVE DMA. The man can do no wrong.

Overall? Great show!  Don’t worry though. You can catch all these great bands again, in some incarnation at another time. And if you miss it, I’ll be there, and I’ll recap it.

Check out all the artist above by clicking on their name to be taken to their Bandcamp page. Click on State Street Pub’s to see their facebook page and what events are coming up next.

Until next time!


Review: 1st Annual State Street Love-In at State Street Pub

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