Op-Ed: Why I’ll Always Love Tyler The Creator

I love Tyler. There, I said it.


But really, I think Tyler the Creator is a genius. Since the day he head-butt the world with the Odd Future brand, and his debut tape, ‘Bastard,’ he maintained the image of not giving any fucks. Which, why should he?

As creator, he put his talented friends together in a collective that would take over America’s youth. Also, as a young black male, he set the stage for a different  breed of rappers. Tyler proved it’s okay to act a fool, brand yourself, make yourself famous-while also being largely hated. Also, all while having the time of your life-accompanied by your best friends.

For young teens and early 20-somethings (like myself), OFWGKTA reminded fans that you can do anything you put your mind to. That’s exactly what Tyler, Earl, Jasper, Hodgy, Left Brain, Syd, Taco, Mike G and the others did. Made their own rules, and in the same breath, changed the young rap game.

People love to hate and fear what’s new and different. Odd Future is exactly that. Odd and showing a different future for young black kids in America. Tyler doesn’t reserve his message for just young black kids from Cali, but has maintained that message for anyone who’s willing to give his music a chance.

For me-as a hip-hop loving, punk rock thrashin’ rasta girl, Tyler satisfied a lot of my musical interests. I look for the intensity of an artist, but also a real side of them. As a rap fan, I value when rappers get real about their personal lives. After Goblin, his first album, he took a different route-by allowing fans into his mind and hurt.

My favorite albums are Wolf and Cherry Bomb.

With Wolf, Tyler opened up more, detailing his personal life. From having a Nigerian dad that doesn’t call, to being very close to his grandmother and detailing the struggles and loneliness of fame-he showed fans that he’s not just some angry young adult-but there’s realness behind the pain.

As an artist, he’s come a long way from telling his fans to, “kill people. burn shit and fuck school.” The collective, Odd Future, has since called it quits.

Currently, Tyler has expanded his sounds and inspiration. Cherry Bomb, his newest album, really shows how high anyone can push themselves- if they really want it.

If you haven’t given his music a chance by now, you should give it another try.

He might surprise you.

Op-Ed: Why I’ll Always Love Tyler The Creator

#newmusicmonday: Nagasaki Dirt

Indy rapper, Nagasaki Dirt, dropped a new release called, ‘In The Meantime.”

I’ve watched Nagasaki perform a few times, and he’s a rapper that gives everything to the mic. This release show’s his diversity and evolution as an artist.

With key production from Mathaius Young, Jeron Braxton and Outfit, this release is a big splash from Nagasaki. Key tracks include, “Bag Bacc,” “Afterlife,” and “Time and Bread.”

If you haven’t heard of this talented artist, listen below. Share, like and comment!

#newmusicmonday: Nagasaki Dirt