#saturdayjam: Fazle

This week’s #saturdayjam features local rapper, Fazle.

He recently dropped a new track, called #CrowdControl102, feat. MakWolfPreach.


Rapping since high school, the 22 year-old artist started out writing poetry, learned rapping was his ultimate calling.

“Freshman year we would do battle raps on the bleachers,” Fazle said. “That was always a way to see who was the best, at least in your area.”

Fazle decided then that he wanted to be the best.

“It all started with going to Sam Ash or Guitar Center and finding the right equipment,” he said.

His previous project called, “Golden,” was a grand statement in Fazle’s career.

“It’s important because it’s literally an expansion of myself,” he said. “It’s like aspects from my past, and hope for the future.”

No fake, no gimmicks, he said.

Released in summer 2014, Fazle said,” You can see the different avenues of artistry.”


He’s releasing the sequel, “Earn Your Wings,” on Dec 21st. This highly anticipated album will feature only local producers and artists, that he wasn’t able to release at the time of the interview.

Fazle said this album reaches into, “the darker aspects of my life. The aspects I don’t like to necessarily talk about.”

The main message of the album is, anyone can change no matter what situation they’re from, he said.

“Regardless of what you’ve done in the past, you can change for the better,” Fazle said. “Taking flight from where you’re from, and getting out of the slums.”

Fazle loves performing. Everything from spitting the lyrics to working the crowd, he lets his fans know he’s alive, right there with them.

“It’s literally the thing that keeps me going. When I’m on stage, I feel like I’m actually there. I feel like I’m breathing, he said. “My main goal is to get everyone on their feet. If you’re not standing on your feet, you’re not enjoying the performance. You paid money to get in, you should be enjoying it.”

A major trait of Fazle’s, besides his fire lyrics, is his long bleached hair. His long mane is all natural, no chemical, and has grown with him as an artist. Most fans can easily recognize him by the hair.

“I’ve been growing my hair for about eight years, approximately,” he said. “Of course, I have to keep cutting the ends so it keeps getting shorter. All in all, I love it and can’t live without it.”

Follow: @damndatkidfazle, and check his music out.




#saturdayjam: Fazle

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