#saturdayjam: Drayco McCoy

Local rapper, Drayco McCoy, often tells his fans to, “tell someone you love them.” 


McCoy keeps it real with his fans by not putting on a front when he interacts with them. 

“When anybody hits me up online, I hit them back,” he said. “I take time to let everyone know I care.”

“Anybody that’s working, I see what they do and support them.”

Born in Ft. Wayne but Indy bred, the 21-year-old rapper carries a large following. McCoy releases new music often, which keeps his fans engaged. 

His latest release marks his 13th mixtape, titled “4000 Racks (or He Dies.)”

The tape features local artists like Nagasaki Dirt, Grxzz and others. Check it out here.

His previous release, “317 Flexin‘,”released on Soundcloud, displays Drayco’s original Indy flow. 

On this mixtape, he comes for you with his rhymes. Drayco moves his fans.

His favorite track from, “317 Flexin’,” was “Niggas Say They Don’t Like Me,” featuring. Sirius Blvck and FLACO. Check it here

Baby Guillotine, another title Drayco goes by, has been creating music since early high school. 

“Anything I saw, I thought I could do. Rapping was just the only thing I was good at,” he said. “When I start something, I get hype as fuck.”

From then, Drayco began compiling rhymes and song ideas. 

“I wrote like 30 mixtape a before sophomore year,” he said. “I’ve always had shit.”

When on stage, Drayco effortlessly exudes confidence. From his raw lyrics, tall stature and vibrant energy, Drayco always gets the crowd hype. 


“I’m always myself, anywhere,” he said. “If I’m nervous I’m not myself anymore. So I never show it.”

It’s good to be yourself, he said.

Along with rhyming, Drayco explores other outlets, like visual art. He’s starting to release shirts and other merch. 

Listen to Drayco McCoy aka Baby Guillotine on Soundcloud.

#saturdayjam: Drayco McCoy

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