#saturdayjam: Mula Kkhan 

Indy rapper, Mula Kkhan emerged on the local scene with a progressive attitude.

The Brownsburg native came to the Indy rap scene around 2013, and has been flying since then. His latest release, “I.N.L.Y.A.M.,” has also taken off. 

The album title, I’ll Not Like You Anymore, carries weight from Kkhan’s recent life changing experiences. 

“I was locked up for a year and a half,” Kkhan said. “All that affected my music. But now I’m here, progressing.” 

I.N.L.Y.A.M. was thought of during Kkhan’s days in work release. Equipped with smooth production, dope features and much attitude, this album is an in your face declaration of the “wave in motion.”


“It’s not aggressive but I’m letting certain people in my life know that I don’t like you anymore,” he said. “This is what I wanna do, and this is how I’m gonna approach it.”

As a part of the progession in Indy’s rap scene, ‘The Wave God’s highly anticipated album  is well received.

“I’m happy people are checking it out,” he said.

It’s pretty surreal, he said.

Many artists and fans of Kkhan’s circle refer to him as ‘The Wave God.’ The nickname originates from Kkhan’s catch phrase, “Catch the Wave.” 

“It’s my energy,” he said. “Catch the vibrations.”  

Kkhan began rapping in 8th grade in Brownsburg. Through his parents musical influence, he found his way to a mic. 

During 2009-2010 Kkhan released a joint project that he states, “was all bad.”

“I’ve progressed since then,” he said.

Another local artist, Pope Adrian Bless, gave Kkhan feedback on his style and delivery. Kkhan carries that feedback with him, even today. 

“His words affected how I approach the game now,” Kkhan said. “He probably doesn’t remember that.” 

Since then, Kkhan became comfortable in his rhymes and has made big waves in the local scene. 

Download I.N.L.Y.A.M, and stream it here

#saturdayjam: Mula Kkhan 

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