#saturdayjam: “Last Seen” x Theon Lee

Local artist, Theon Lee released ‘Last Seen,’ a four-track  EP. 


The 25-year-old Indy native picked up his rhymes and ran full force into his listeners ears and hearts. ‘Last Seen,’ compiled of older and newer tracks, gives his fans a sense of where he’s been all these years. 

“It’s a summary of what my life’s been like in Indianapolis,” he said. “From being an artist, to trying to be a community activist and returning to music with more artillery.”

If you’re from the Indy area, you’ve heard of Theon. He wears many hats in the community with his work in the local poetry scene, and with local activism. 

Born Pernell Jones, Theon has been transforming his image. Rhyming since he was in the second grade, and recording since 2008, Theon is anything but a freshman when it comes to to Indy’s hip-hop scene. 

“The concept is, my government name is Pernell. Only close friends and people from high school know me by that,” he said.


For the past few years, Theon has been taking a hiatus from parts of his life. But people affected by him, can’t stop asking, “Where’s Pernell?”

“I know how wierd I was,” he said. “I just didn’t know how important I was.”

As an adult, he unofficially changed his name to Theon Lee and has been creating art under that name. 

‘Last Seen’ stands as a declaration of self. A raw, honest celebration of finding oneself. This isn’t a journey just for him, but also for his friends, family and fans. 

“I’m inviting people on this journey as I find myself,” said Theon. 

This EP reminds listeners that we’re all human. There’s always room to grow, change and finding you. 

Check out ‘Last Seen,’ on Soundcloud. 

#saturdayjam: “Last Seen” x Theon Lee

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