#saturdayjam: Jeremiah Stok3s

Hip hop artist, Jeremiah Stok3s is taking Indy’s local rap scene by storm.

His newest track, “Tidal.wav,” from his upcoming debut album made big waves upon its release. Check it here

The Indy native began his rhyming career through spoken word.

“Collectively, I’ve been rhyming without recording for four years now,” Stok3s said. “I used to do a bunch of poetry.” 
Stok3s rap career started from his family and friends pushing him to rhyme. His friends mentioned he had a nice flow and with practice he gained confidence in his rhymes. 

“My brothers were all forcing me to record,” he said. “It was like a real dojo-sensei feel.”

Stok3s started recording by writing raps to his favorite beats, and decided he needed to record them. 

“I’ll be honest, my flow was eh’, but the bars were definitely there.”

From then, he skills only excelled.

“Once I got in there, I knew this is definitely something I want to do,” he said. “Because I’m good at it.”

Since then, Stok3s has recorded over 30 tracks and is preparing for his newest album. 

While preparing for the newest release, Stok3s has to make sure the tracks are quality for his fans. 

“I like to make sure track sounds as good as it sounds when I think about it,” he said. “It’s a real analytical process.”

The new album, No Tidal, is expected for release Fall/Winter 2015.

#saturdayjam: Jeremiah Stok3s

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