Ki: Black Soul

Black Soul album cover
Black Soul album cover

Evansville, Ind. native, Ki dropped an in your face mixtape revolving around the message of blackness in the 21st century. More specifically, what it’s like to be a black person in 2015.

“Black Soul” starts out with tribal sounds, reminding me of the roots and soul of black americans, and our ancestors. Ki’s voice comes in fiercely smooth, setting the tone for the entire tape.

He means business.

“Black Soul” is raw and honest. Every track has an ill beat, and can groove anyone. Through his rhymes, Ki lets listeners in on his personal side. How he feels about issues like police brutality, the black experience and family can be found in each track.

The tape comes equipped with sounds from many artists like Sunny Ture, Mndsgn, J. Dilla and King I Devine.  .

Along with powerful vocals, the mixtape is filled with exerpts from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Jasmonster and other powerful black leaders.

“Black Soul” is the album of the summer. Check out “Black Soul” on Soundcloud.

5/5 stars.

Ki: Black Soul

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