Review: Tyler the Creator “Cherrybomb”

Looks like Tyler made an album showing a different side of him. 

Cherrybomb, released Apr. 13, took classic Tyler fans down a psychedelic, abstract, funky 13-track path.

“DEATHCAMP,” first song on Cherrybomb (and a key track), starts with heavy guitars, syncopated claps, and Tyler’s lyrics. 

In the past, Tyler has made his love for N.E.R.D. known, and this album displays that love and inspiration.

In “DEATHCAMP” Tyler said, “In search of did more for me than illmatic*. That’s when I realized we ain’t cut from the same fabric.”

[*Illmatic, rapper Nas’ debut album]

Another key track, “SMUCKERS,” features Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. 

 The production, lyrics and the overall sound brings this release to a higher level than his previous albums, Bastard, Goblin and Wolf. 

This is one of Tyler’s best albums yet.

I give this album five stars. 

Review: Tyler the Creator “Cherrybomb”

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