Review: Toro Y Moi “What For?”

Toro Y Moi’s fourth studio album starts off with sounds of racing cars. Almost as if to say, “buckle up,” Chaz takes listeners on a ten-track adventure of progressive sounds, funky instrumentation with a California feel. 

Equipped with classic, introspective lyrics by Chaz, “What For” expands on the sounds Toro Y Moi has brought  fans since the release of “Causers of This,” in 2010. With Chaz, each album he releases is very different, and this April 2015 release doesn’t disappoint. 

Each track on “What For” gives off an indie but soul filled vibe, filled with funky guitar rhythms. 

Key tracks include, “The Flight,” “Half Dome,” and “Buffalo” (which was released before the album.) 

I give this album five stars. Be sure to catch Toro Y Moi on tour around the country this summer!

Review: Toro Y Moi “What For?”

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