Review: Dogbite “Tranquilizers”

The band's sophomore release, maintains consistency.
The band’s sophomore release, maintains euphoric consistency.

Phil Jones, front man of Dogbite, keeps coming back with essential records maintaining their growing fan base. The Atlanta-based group released their sophomore album entitled, “Tranquilizers.” The album takes the listener on a smooth, but quick ride with rose-colored glasses through what feels like the garden of Eden. It’s like Dogbite wants listeners to dive-in deep, and get lost.

“Tranquilizers” showed in 10 tracks, their classic, euphoric sound.


Key tracks include:

  • L’oiseau Storm
  • Wonder Dark
  • Dream Feast
  • Rest Assured

This album serves as a great follow up to their 2013 studio album, “Velvet Changes.” Just like last year’s release, Dogbite creates a dream sequence for their listeners. Press play and listeners are immediately surrounded by soft, melancholy harmonies. The guitar melodies throughout the album also show the band’s high thrash capability. There’s also a great use of synth that really supports this album. It’s definitely a fresh composition, and will be great for future road trips.

Dogbite, yet still a semi-new band, had much street cred when it comes to the “chillwave” genre. Phil Jones also worked with Ernest Greene, otherwise known as Washed Out. Inspiration from that collaboration shows slightly on compositions like this and previous Dogbite albums.

“Tranquilizers” is a great edition to Dogbite’s discography, and a good sign for 2014.

Review: Dogbite “Tranquilizers”

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